Month: January 2023

L’épitaphe de l’hiver

the winter weeps its last
yet it is plain to see
its former youth is passed
and ready to sleep is he
who but short days ago
had such teeth and claw
to rip the world with snow
but seeks to hunt no more

the tears of ice have dried
with spring’s new born ascent
and days of darkness die
though not their vowed intent
to someday walk again
and hold reign o’er the earth
to waste this world of men
in bitter death’s rebirth.

The Nightbird

into the darkest night it seemed
I dreamt a bird of purest verse
and that she was all but a dream
is why she was my sorest curse
for true this bird of reverie
would songs to me in sleep relay
but come the morn’ her poetry
would be lost forever to the day,
thus to the muses do I pray
that this nightbird’s song will stay
with me when my senses rise
and not to dawning sun demise.