Month: October 2017

Going To Buy A Pillowcase

on my way to all too near
to drink the morning sun
I think I’ll ride the omnibus
if a nice one comes along
and if not I’ll toddle there
skipping o’er the pavement cracks
to avoid the dreaded pauliegogs
and the scattered carpet tacks;
once I land in all too near
I’ll be sure to let you know
just how the saga did unfold
but for now I better go.

The Great Victorians (partial and unfinished and possibly upside down)

blessed be the folly builders
each and every one
for they left just nonsense
‘fore the setting of their suns
and curse the proud industrialists
their mills of brick and steel
which blighted our Jerusalem
and ground souls on the wheel
in dark wood panel drawing rooms
their portraits Sunday fine
fool us with perceived hegemony
that deny their bottom line
basked in faux philanthropy
charitable hypocrisies
their centuries old legacies…

no idea where I’m going from here