Month: August 2022

Let Me Be

oh artful life I scorn thee now
for what is born beyond despair
with words no solace is allowed
they only desperation bear.

oh poetry leave my consciousness
your rhyme doth my reason steal
and your music cannot bless
away the emptiness I feel.

so fair muse please leave me be
at least for now, my heart is sold
mortgaged in mortality
a base transaction written cold.

oh artful thoughts I curse thy ways
and ask you let my mind know peace
if not forever, at least this day
until all darkest thoughts are ceased.

The Summoning

call me not to the ancient hills
as save a memory of broken mills,
they were the end of my beginning
and now to valleys am I damned.

take me not to meadows green
for all their flowers I have seen
they marked me then a nearly man
but from them I have turned.

summon me to forests dark
where sings no nightingale or lark
these dying trees my grave to mark
a lost existence spurned.