Month: April 2017

Behold The Regal Pamplemousse!

“behold the regal pamplemousse!”
said Pierre to his friends
“it’s top is in its bottom
and has horns on both his ends,
there’s wings upon its yellow face
but sadly it can’t fly
though if you squeeze him hard enough
he’ll spit right in your eye”

bubo bubo

out in the woods
where the wild boars meet
and rustle
I came across him staring
up among the fear dressed trees
a gaze as dead as stone
and twice as still
passed through me
and a primordial shiver
within the deepest
oldest and hidden corners
of my psyche
a remembrance
though not strictly mine
of skyfalling, worldending
blood and claw,
the passing millenia
may have turned the tables
but this is his realm
and in it
I am but prey