in fumes
from a gas station
stirring senses
with the breath
of a world
a billion years


The dream : a short fiction as prose

the ancient ape dreamed
of a future in which
his children
and the children
of his brethren
laid waste to the forest
and poisoned the rivers
to dominate all,
not just the fierce creatures
who preyed upon his brothers
and sisters
but also the small
and seemingly harmless,
these future apes
were both familiar
and unfamilar to him
and his dream troubled him,
as earlier dreams he’d had
those that predicted safe caves
and water holes
and warned of the coming
of long toothed cats
and giant wolves
proved uncannily portentious.

So troubled was he
by the terror his new dream
instilled within his reason
that when he awoke
he sought to counsel
his brothers and sisters,
they knowing of his capacity
for seeing shelter
and food and safety
in dreams
looked at each other and smiled
large white sharp toothed grins
and en masse
smashed his head with rocks
and broken branches,
before deciding to leave
the forest behind