Month: July 2020

Ce qu’on entend sur la montagne

azure and gentle rises
belie the truth
this is no painted landscape
no memory in pastel blues,
for beyond the forest
under the screaming skies,
that all such quests
reality tears
clawing silica beasts
carved from nature’s flesh
to be forged as glass,
silent snarling jaws
to consume the poet’s soul
and leave him
but breathless, empty clay.


hallow me with the commonplace
the everyday we wander through
the setting sun upon my face
in quiet moments dreamt of you
a touch of delicate caprice
upon your hand held in mine own
puts my heart at more of ease
than any praise of great renown
should you whisper of my name
when you’re abed clothed just in sleep
in joy, in peace would I remain
and pray this blessing I would keep.


there are church bells
and I read about a boat full of people
drowned in the sea
in plain sight of freedom
I watch the faithful pray
and hear the screams of children
without a mother’s embrace
or comfort
starving tonight
they sing Abide With Me
and I hear a man gasping for breath
with a boot on his neck
for the shade of his skin
and I look to the skies
begging for an epiphany
a purpose to this incongruous state
but see just clouds
passing by oblivious.


shame all of the poets
for their art dares condemn
that which we are sold as truth
by more moral men
imprison verse contentious
that move against the creed
deny their revolution
and the questions that they breed
censor and damn the artists
who strive to realise
the beauty that is hidden
from more blinded eyes
sacrifice the poets
on the altars of your lies
but beware, in doing so
their words you’ll sanctify.