Month: December 2022

After Darkling

you were the end of all things true
and in your song was beauty found
for it had winged the full year through
yet lies now lifeless on the ground
but such feathered souls as yours
remain beyond the darkest pale
the passage of our dying years
dare not loose the endless veil
so though you fly to no new spring
sadness does not my heart scar
as joyous memories still ring
and will for always be a part
of me, ….
…. as this last winter burns
away, and into new life turns.

The Rain

these silver fingers playing
a study on her shoulders fair
as the heaven’s golden lips
kiss gently through her russet hair

she turns to seek this summer rain
each dappled drop to her embrace
the elements themselves cannot compare
next to her beauty are as effaced

and thus into this evening storm
she paints herself by way of grace
for in this scene she does adorn
all nature fades beyond her gave.