Untitled : 16th August

I do not fear the night
however dark and long it seems
it is the day
that hopes betray
and kills, with the dawn, our dreams.


the dreaded moggysaurus

supposedly a meteor
killed them off it’s said
but I’m sure I have
a dinosaur
underneath my bed
I doubt he is a big one
with sharp and pointy teeth
but still… it is
a dinosaur
beneath me when I sleep
he may not be green and scaly
with horns and claws and that
and maybe when
the light goes on
he looks just like a cat
but when the night surrounds me
and fills my mind with dread
I’m certain
there’s a dinosaur
asleep beneath my bed

One Minute Rhyme Mark XIII

there are stormclouds over Dublin
like dreams edged out to sea
following winds to Liverpool
to where they’ll wait for me
there’s waves upon the Mersey
and in them live the notes
sung by poets long since drowned
under their ferry boats
wrecked on the banks of Woodside
below the priory stones
they’ll find my verses yellowing
beside my restless bones