The Fabled Sage (micro-fiction)

sagacious was he
held in esteem by men
yet nuisance to the gods,
for whom his wisdom
had little time,
thus from the heavens
his infidelity was rewarded
with temptation,
an angel to distract his works
thus his pen was silenced by his heart.

but only for moments
the briefest time
as the angel sent
to be his mistress
fell to her knees before him
enchanted by his songs
of rebellion and love
known not in celestial skies
and thus the nymph herself
became disciple
and the gods on high were lost.

for god’s on high, know not the heart.

The Wrong Song (reissued)

Originally written in March this year http://wp.me/p5fYLI-og this version is exactly the same only issued on an imaginary coloured vinyl 45

Where I am
is all too near
yet all too far away
if I started walking
I could reach you
when you and I
stood in the sun
kissing in the rain
and though I travel
there and here
I can’t go home again

I can’t go home again
he dreamt
and held his head in tears
not able to accept his fate
between the passing years
for one day is quite like the next
from sunrise to sunset
and all the friends he thought he knew
it seems he’d never met.

and so I play the wrong song
cause the right one’s out of key
if you got a wrong song
then sing along with me.