Just Rhyming To See What Comes Out.

let the winds come
and lay waste to the land
whatever they bring
this heart will still stand
it’s built on foundations
as deep as they’re wide
of love’s soft salvation
and not simple pride.


The start and end of a rhyme which is missing its middle.

The laggered wag
drew on his fag
and pondered on his day
as smoke rings rose
his mind supposed
that on his bench he’d stay
he could of course
decide to force
himself to move, but sighed
why bother to
have things to do
I’ll just watch the world go by.

Spectacles (A One Minute Rhyme)

these glasses do not favour me
you couldn’t say they’re cool
they’re too big for my little head
and make me look a tool

but if I didn’t wear them
I couldn’t read or write
so I guess that I’m stuck with them
though I look a proper sight

even with them on my face
I bump my head a lot
so I really must be careful
it’s the only head I’ve got

I’ll live with the fact they’re rather sad
and just a fashion folly
they don’t make me look like Richard Gere
just a grey haired Buddy Holly