Month: July 2022

The Dream Of Hands

I dreamed a dream
of henna painted hands
which seemed
at first
to defy all understanding
yet upon a further thought
as I a settled meaning sought
these hands were heaven’s prayers
to calm my troubled
brow with kindness
while I slept
to ease them all away.
Thus these hands,
though of the night
did with gentle fingers
stroke away the darkness
to reveal a new found light.

Sléibhte Bhaile Átha Cliath

the mountains

there are mists in the north
and from the clouds ascending
is the place of faeries seen

gone now is the morning
and though my day is at an ending
through darkness is the green

what mists there were and are
can never cloud the ancient truth
that poets’ spirits are still here
just as they’ve always been.

The Night

a lion’s eye had opened
and gazed within my very heart
hungry for emotions
that my soul imparted
within this dream I made
menageries of terrors wait
from the forest I had laid
their appetites for dreams to sate
a bloodlust of my reveries
did my sleeping soul a fright
and upon my heart’s unease
did they smile lustful delights
thus did my sleeping thoughts then pray
for salvation in the light
of the singing breaking day
to rescue me from beasts of night.