Month: October 2016

One Minute Rhyme Mark XXXIII : On The Wooden Hills

Today I met a rich man
coming up the stairs
if he was a happy man
I’m sadly unawares
because we never spoke at length
just traded a few words
an unprofitable transaction
for the rich man on the stairs.

Today I met a poor man
coming down the stairs
he smiled and asked me how I was
and I asked him in return
we spoke at length of life and love
without the grace and airs
of the grumpy rich man
I’d just met up the stairs.

One Minute Rhyme Mark XXXVII : Unfinished

Glenda held the glitter bag
tightly by its seams
in it she kept her secret thoughts
and sometimes little dreams
which wouldn’t fit inside her head
there simply wasn’t space
what with all the music
that played behind her face
until one day with open eyes
she let the music free
and emptied out her glitter bag
for all the world to see.

Age Of Consent

In a sleepy seaside town
nowhere near the sea
I tawt I taw a putty tat
all itchin’ with a flea
the flea though was a scratchcard
for the local lottery
and putty tat found cherries
not one
nor two
but three

He skipped off to the newsagents
to see what he had won
perhaps he’d take a mini break
a week under the sun
in a real seaside town
somewhere near a sea
with cat nip flowing on demand
and prawn cocktails for his tea

Alas his dreams were shattered
the shopkeeper was mean
as little scratchy putty tat
couldn’t prove he was eighteen