A Very Merrie Bloomsday

it already rained on Bloomsday
so I’m feeling pretty moist
but at least I’m not flat in the grave
like dear old Jimmy Joyce

this was to be a limerick
fit to make the angels weep
the first two lines I had last night
but then I fell asleep

Instead I took another road
like good old Finnegan
so you didn’t get a limerick
you got this, the other one

A One Minute Rhyme Called Unwriting

I didn’t write at all today
perhaps tomorrow morning
it will likely be as bad as this
so this should serve as a warning
some days my fingers peck the screen
like happy little birds
and fill it up quite easily
with a mass of different words
but I didn’t write at all today
my fingers took a rest
so when I’ve slept they’ll try again
to do their very best.