he comes today to play with fire
embraced as he was by richest airs
that fuelled the flames of his desires
burning away all of the cares
which innocent propriety
set in his conscience deep
but now in thoughts incendiary
his better angels weep
for today he comes to play with fire
lit of a passion’s demon’s spark
to see him tossed upon a pyre
so tumescent in the dark
that never will this fire abate
until he is with her flames sated.

deli bal (unfinished verse)

I tasted honey from her lips
and into a madness did I slip
of sweetest expectation
this living nectar in me burned
all reason and regret was spurned
to free desire beyond intoxication

thus did a dream breathe into form
and from my beating heart was torn
ancient instincts too long dormant held,
among wild rhododendron groves
to waiting passions were we behoved
to submit as our fired hunger swelled