Month: October 2019


so spins my mind in darkened woods
damp in the rains of long ago
underfoot the undergrowth
allows no steady thoughts, nor should
as here is time still as it was
before we stood to contemplate
all that exists beyond our fates
and questioned the world and its cause
these trees grow wise without our mind
to be that which we are or not
they have remained as we’ve forgot
their silence pleads as a reminder
we were their sacred progeny
now grown and lost eternally

The Creature At Year’s End (unfinished)

from deep slumber he awakes
death lives in the breath he takes
to blacken earth on his first dawn
as summer ends, so winter’s born,
claws cold from Stygian depths
chilled from voices of the death
throes of a million sinner’s woes
across the land the cancer grows,
to consume love and fire and light
and leave but fear and ice and night.