Month: September 2016

One Minute Rhyme Mark XXXIV : Inventory Blues

hieroglyphic headache
the numbers taunt and tease
and their cold dark certainty
does nothing to appease
my mind can’t be an abacus
it’s wired a different way
the beans they just won’t bake themselves
so there’s no poetry today



There’s method to my missive
which cannot be defined
by pouring over every word
or walking every line
I’m saving it for the very end
the death bed of my verse
a last gasp quote unquotable
simple short and terse
not hidden like some treasure
in metaphors profound
or in some bush of vagueness
to beat around and round
no grand designer message
world changing bard like rhyme
to decipher like enigma
and waste your precious time
my message is a simple one
and it’s time to be is due
oh bugger! I’ve forgotten it
now I’ll have to start anew.