I dream’d in 16th century poesie

if she be inviolate,
it matters not to me
I would only remonstrate
should she fail to be
within this world to guilt the sun
and shame the very sky
for she is the fairest one
who all my doubts defy
so I pray she’s mine to hold
in more than dream’s embrace
for even tales of Helen told
do not justice to her face.

The Nightbird

into the darkest night it seemed
I dreamt a bird of purest verse
and that she was all but a dream
is why she was my sorest curse
for true this bird of reverie
would songs to me in sleep relay
but come the morn’ her poetry
would be lost forever to the day,
thus to the muses do I pray
that this nightbird’s song will stay
with me when my senses rise
and not to dawning sun demise.

I do love dreams court

fair lady of intrepid charms
be bold with me in thoughts
that I partake of in your arms
when I do love’s dreams court

my forehead resting on your breast
engaging reveries
that your heartbeat does bequest
upon desires from me.

sweet lady hold me ’til the dawn
when sunlight warms the dew
that my passions newly born
will find their troth in you.