Month: March 2018

Ad Copy (a nonsense rhyme)

If you can carry a tune
you can play the gahoon
or so the wise men say
though if it’s more you
then try the kazoo
go out and buy one today.


the challenge (part one)

Around the world in eighty ways
should keep me busy all my days
to try and think of crossing oceans
using various forms of locomotion

I’ll start I think upon a bike
then perhaps a mountain hike
to find a bobsleigh up a peak
and slide back down into the street

whereupon with little fuss
I jump aboard an omnibus
and at Woodside I’ll find a mule
to ride the ferry to Liverpool

there procure passage on a ship
up the gangplank I will skip
and hold court at the captain’s table
on roller skates if I am able

the cold Atlantic winds I’d brave
off to the new world on the waves
pondering in my easy chair
just what I’ll do when I get there