The Venusians According to George : a short fiction as prose

The old lord told his story
in smoke filled saloons
and private clubs
the world over,
regaling all who would listen
with tales of his
eccentric friend George,
with all candour
and not a jot of mendacity.

George it seemed
had visited kings and knaves
sinners and priests
believers and the incredulous
and one particular host
took him into
secret gardens
and it was here that
two angels descended
and touched his pious friend,
their fingertips
bringing even more light
to their already
brightened souls.


The Prophecy : a short fiction as prose

The clouds caught fire
crimson tongues
nourished themselves
upon the earth
not from some infernal
imagined underworld
but from above
all of our heavens ignited
and in the heat of an ultimate sun
everything we are
all that we were
that which we hoped to be
mattered no more,
no divine retribution
nor was there method
of a higher power
simply the universe
going through growing pains