The Ghostly Verse of Christmas Past


one-sies are quite nice I guess
in their own particular way
but I’d prefer you in your none-sie
when I wake on Christmas day


A Christmas carrot
for the goat of christmas past
say baa not humbug


don’t put your tree up early
as it really is a chore
to pick the needless needles
up from off the floor

Kitty In The Tinsel

kitty in the tinsel
glitter on her paws
waiting underneath the tree
with sharpened santa claws
kitty ringing sleigh bells
all around the house
ready with her mistletoe
for when she sees a mouse


cover me in fairy lights
and put me on a tree
hang tinsel round my baubles
in time for Christmas eve
then stuff a twig of mistletoe
anywhere you’d care
and kiss me up all seasonal
so no-one stops and stares
as soon it will be Crimbomas
and I want to look the part
to wish each and every one of you
the best with all my heart