The Cucking

there was a little cuckoo
who cucked but couldn’t koo
so went asking all the other birds
just what he could do

the rook lent him a  roaring craw
the owl a twit to woo
a goose honked in longing tones
but nobody had the koo

so he left his woodland home
and went to Liverpool
and joined a group of pigeons
who thought his cuck was coooooool

The Worst Verse

I wrote this poem backwards
to see where it would start
if its seed was in my head
or it grew in my heart
and then I turned it inside out
the surest rhymes to find
decided it could do without
a certain measured time
but after all I set a fire
and in it through my verse
thinking that cast to the flames
it couldn’t get much worse
therefore I started up again
and forwards did compose
thus these simple lines appeared
to bring me to a close.

Likes (my beauty pageant answers #1) unfinished

I like cats
and I like dogs
I dig hallucinogenic
I like sparrows
and I like hawks
I listen to parrots
when they trash talk
I like bugs
what scamper by
fish in ponds
larks on high
I dig the lambs
and lions too
lazy sharks
and whales of blue
I like gibbons’
funky struts
and baboons
with their painted butts
I like bees
that buzz about
but people?

I could do without.