Likes (my beauty pageant answers #1) unfinished

I like cats
and I like dogs
I dig hallucinogenic
I like sparrows
and I like hawks
I listen to parrots
when they trash talk
I like bugs
what scamper by
fish in ponds
larks on high
I dig the lambs
and lions too
lazy sharks
and whales of blue
I like gibbons’
funky struts
and baboons
with their painted butts
I like bees
that buzz about
but people?

I could do without.


The day that William Shatner dies
I won’t know what to do
the grim reaper has to call on him
just like for me and you
but the universe won’t seem the same
once he’s beamed away
but I guess for now I’ll be just fine
as he hasn’t died today.

The world will seem quite odd in fact
something not quite right
and I hope he’ll so boldly go
into that last dark night
this undiscovered country
he’ll likely conquer too
but still the day that Shatner dies
I won’t know what to do.

Fat Sparrows

the fattest sparrows I have seen
live in Central Park
hedged among the evergreens
from whence they disembark
to feast upon the morsels spurned
by diners on the go
their taste buds now quite discerned
to Subways and Quiznos.
Tribes of chubby little braves
wait next to rubbish bins
attentive to the passing trade
of what may be found within
watching lovers promenade
their bagels hand in hand
and doughnuts do they serenade
this full thick feathered band.
Upper East Side dowagers
are courted for the fayre
the gilded stately benefactors
out to take the air
may stop and throw the sweetest crumbs
thinking it such a lark
to feed the sparrows with expanding tums
that live in Central Park