Mahler’s Bicycle

Gustav nipped off into town
on his safety bicycle
and as the wheels turned round and round
his thoughts turned to the musical
upon the bars sat a french horn
the saddle a violin
and both the wheels were cymbals
they did make such a din
at passing horses he would ring
his little tingling bell
and at the crossroads he would sing
and conduct traffic as well.



wrap me up in silver foil
and put the heat up high
take my passions to the boil
and put me in a pie
curry me with flavours bold
and sprinkle me with spice
chill me well until i’m cold
and my texture’s nice
mould me into festive shapes
and store me in a pot
serve me with some seedless grapes
and eat me whilst i’m hot.

The Cat and the Banana (a nonsense rhyme)

I hypnotized my cat with a banana
it really wasn’t hard as you would feel
he watched attentively as I procured it
then sat there all amazed during the peel
he doesn’t get this way when I have apples
and peaches leave him feeling laissez-faire
there is something mesmerizing ’bout bananas
that stops him in his tracks and makes him purr.

The Shaving Conundrum

I cannot get the razor in my wrinkles
they’re far too deep to get a blade in there
I remember when these crevices were dimples
but back then I didn’t have the facial hair
I guess I need to buy a pair of tweezers
or Brazilian wax if that does not seem weird
but whatever I decide it needs to be quite soon
as I cannot walk around with wrinkle beards

Last Year’s Rhyme : A Minute of Nonsense

last year’s rhyme was a longer rhyme
funny it felt quite short at the time
but this year’s rhyme is hardly writ
and already we are near the end of it.

I wonder though on next year’s ode
will it in turn take the very same mode
and will that rhyme just stutter and stall
in fact will it even rhyme at all?