glumly gliding glockenspiel
banging blocky bells
wasted woody wifflenotes
softly splitting spells
every eager elbow
bends in on violins
and at the rear the tattledrums
hold the beatings in
a cricket batting stone guitar
strums striking miners moans
the flippy flute blows succour
upon the slide jawbones
then soon this song is over
with fader fingers poised
these steady bars of foolish gold
just descending into noise.


Fun With Flags

you can line a little budgie’s cage
build a hammock on the shore
wrap your butties in them
if you’re on a walking tour
as a blanket for some puppies
or cut them up for rags
make bunting for a party piece
stitch them into shopping bags
make a teddy for a baby’s crib
or a curtain for your door
but never raise them on your poles
and follow them to war.