Hunt’s Cross Blues

I never stop at Hunt’s Cross
no matter what the train
everytime it flashes by
and we always never twain
I don’t know what’s at Hunt’s Cross
perhaps there’s not a lot
but I’d like to stop at Hunt’s Cross
to see what Hunt’s Cross has got.
Next time I’ll take a taxi
no matter what the fare
and hope the cabbie doesn’t say
“Hunt’s Cross? ….
….why d’ya wanna go there?”

Ugly Fish

There’s a really ugly fish in the middle of my pond
his underbite’s atrocious and his fins are far too long
he sits among the weeds all day acting rather coy
and carps on his misfortune and sucks all of the joy
out of all the other fish which spend their time in there
having to put up with him, it really isn’t fair
I think I’ll catch a pelican and set him out to sneak
around my little garden pond sporting
his pointy beak
with luck he’ll feel quite peckish and break the water’s still
and gulp that ugly fish right up in his saggy bill.