Wet Dreams, a nonsense poem

some marines
in submarines
went sailing out to be
in spectacles
to see what they could see
in submersibles
they beached upon the shore
and in wet socks
dashed on the rocks
their dreams for ever more


Skipjacking : a one minute nonsense rhyme influenced by a German cat food tin.

this tuna fish is heavenly
the dolphin said to me
it goes well on the sandwiches
I’ve cut up for high tea
I asked him who’s invited
he told me nobody
on Thursdays everyone has school
so he’ll have no company.

Why don’t you ask a friendly whale
or a porpoise possibly
to sit down to comestibles
so you won’t be lonely
he told me he’d not made enough
not sandwiches, nor tea
so he’ll simply put the telly on
and eat supper quietly.