Month: December 2015

Furry God Mutter

I thought I saw a fairy
who was hardly there
she danced a fancy dangle
with half an inch to spare
and said she’d come to warn me
about some dirty girls
but when she opened up her lips
her tongue just wouldn’t curl
in lieu she mimed a whimsy
by tapping out her pipes
spilling beans all here and there
it really was a sight
to see the little woodland nymph
her wings all shimmer green
shouting out her silent screams
to keep me nice and clean.


I long to write our names
in chalk on the pavement
outside a chip shop
future streaks
smudges of
an urban rainbow
blended by a thunderstorm.

or carve them together
locked forever
in a makeshift
heart of barkness
tree scratched
with a key
for a little metal box
which I lost
no sooner
than I found it.

(why a chip shop? I don’t know, but it screams romance to me)

TV Times

Something about a third
and sparking synapses skip
to a scratched old memory track
crackling it begins
the theme to something
in London yet not,
perhaps the south of France?
“Twang, twang, ta, twang, twang!”
and then it sticks
of a soul of a soul of a soul of a soul
Revolution No. 33.333 recurring
of a soul of a soul of a soul of a soul
it is easy to buy.

Bye bye.

to be honest though,
I’d hoped for Van der Valk


Let us hide
in the forest
so deep
so full
that even
of sunlight
fail to find
their way
the green
and onto our faces.

No sound
but rustled
above us
and below
a verdure palace
a ballroom
in which
two hearts
may waltz
to the subtle
of our breath.