Month: February 2015

Song for Tuesday written partly on Monday

I’d rather live in a one horse town
Than a town with two or three
I’d rather lose a pound in a juke box
And have you sing the songs for me

(to be continued on a Tuesday on a post it note,
or a Wednesday if it’s late
though quite possibly on a Saturday morn
if there’s too much on my plate)

I Never Met Harry Secombe On The Woodside Ferry

Now if I owned a cowboy’s hat
I’d also need a horse
or else I’d ride the bullet train
from Tokyo of course.

Several sentient Jaffa cakes
made Stars on Sunday bright
but a further slice of Battenburg
could make me see the light

This product of my sugar rush
fell fast upon the page
my mind now filled with Ying Tong songs
I take to the landing stage.