Author: the blighter's rock

even little pebbles have a song to sing

The Pain (unfinished)

where once thoughts reigned
a snowstorm dragged from static falls
loud behind my burning eyes
and brighter than I dare recall
a shattered screen screams and cracks
dissecting dreams like razor’s edged
leaving no corner undisturbed
smashed clarity left in its stead


Spring Cleaning

save me from the squirty fish
that’s lodged inside my head
he blocked the vaccuum cleaner
when I cleaned under the bed
and when I looked inside the hose
he jumped out to my surprise
then made his way right up my nose
and lodged behind my eyes
so now I have this squirty fish
a sucking on my brain
I doubt that I’ll be hoovering
under the bed again.


a ghost stands at my window
angered by the morning storm
his solemn voice rides on the chill
that wraps around the dawn

he fights against the cock crow
for in its song he dies
and as the sunrise smothers him
I’m lost inside his eyes

which every night in moonglow
return to torment me
the knowledge that one sundown
I too will be as he.