Month: April 2018

Dust Jacket : a one minute rhyme

If I was a pretty boy
i’d just write pretty words
but being funny looking
I stick to the absurd
they say you write what is inside
the cover’s not the book
but I’m convinced some inspiration
comes from the way one looks
I look into the mirror
and laugh at what I see
which some days can reflect itself
as nonsense you read from me.

The Mild Mannered Maniac

the mild mannered maniac
sees himself a sage
juxtaposing there and here
upon the printed page

just like Johnny’s Nowhere Man
he knows not what to do
but scribble, type or drag his pen
to bring words out to you

he may not be an artist
or romantic balladeer
just a simple mild mannered maniac
with rhymes for you to hear

so please give him at least the chance
to woo you with his verse
he may not be the best of men
but he’s certainly not the worst.