Notes for a little love song

winter turned
yet still the snow remains
waiting to be washed away
by the scattered April rains
and in my seasons
I can only think of you
and how your kiss
inspires me to everything I do


A Simple Poem

I cannot dance, I cannot sing
I cannot do most anything
But should I have a little time
I’ll attempt to prove that I can rhyme
in doing so then I can try
to show there’s more than meets the eye
to these, my metered strings of phrase
which with a measured thought I weighed
and set out thus in couplet style
in hopes to show I have no guile
no great wisdom to impart
no secrets of the head or heart
just a simple yen to spin
my words into this ode within.

The Mersey Tunnel Monster

We walked down deep on the Dock Road spur
we’d heard a monster lived down there
that ate up children who took no care
along the tunnel’s Dock Road spur.

among the glass and broken road
into the dark we boldly strode
bound by a youthful honour code
to which we all to all had owed

and after but a little while
possibly about a mile
we thought we spied a toothy smile
perhaps a giant crocodile?

so we ran for all our might
from such a terrifying sight
that promised us an awful plight
in the tunnel dark as night

but when I think back from afar
and all the fears on my radar
in the years twixt now and yar
perhaps it was a motor car?