Month: December 2017

Kites (an unfinished sketched idea for a poem)

when we first flew kites
upon the summer’s sighs
before the world turned to face
the dark of autumn skies
no cloud could reach our souls
that drifted with those sails
laughing along the breeze
on gaily coloured tails
but now the kites are lost
ne’er to glide once more
and just memories remain
with winter at the door.

Cat’s Chorus, a nonsense song for felines written whilst listening to Bob Dylan.

let us sing of fancy fish
which dance around our dreams
and hold our thrall for hours
or so it always seems

oh let us sing of dining mice
feasting fat on cheese
riding round in horsedrawn traps
to save their creaky knees

and let us sing of big fat cows
a filled with milky cream
chewing cuddy bubble gum
upon the village green

then let us end our song like this
before the sun’s away
and curl up in a bundle
to sleep away the day.