A Darkness

I feel a weathered darkness come
cold and without succour born
from its clouds I cannot run
as any hope is from me torn
by winds that blow of deep despair
and in its hails of hopelessness
at body and of mind it tears
to leave the soul with emptiness

shine not here the light of morn
better it had never dawned
and that I knew not any peace
save eternity’s release.

The Angel’s Wings

who clipped the angel’s wings
that he would forever be
the guardian
of this thing called man?

“not I” said the god on high
“my angels fly from such base things,
go ask the devil
for he is man’s advocate”

when asked, the devil smiled
and pointed to the man
“therein lies he who did the deed…
for man himself holds the sway
over gods and angels, and yes…

…devils too”


the fountain sings the saddest song
in tears that fall and fall once more
reflected back upon former glories
days denied in water’s pure

the fountain knows just one song
and sings today as it did back when
lovers wished upon bright futures
this spring sang hopes and dreams back then

but now this song is lost and weary
so many wishes washed away
like marble bright worn round and dreary
to shadows of its former days.