Month: July 2018

The Stone

I looked into the blue stone
i’d taken from the tomb
seeking inspiration
from this obscure heirloom
held between my fingers
smooth edges hew’d by time
rolled out ancient imaginings
from the quarries of my mind
what stories could be captured
in such mundane a shell
if any soul was written there
the stone itself won’t tell
’tis up to you or me my friend
to interpret their history
for the stones that lay around us
hold their counsel silently.

Lines in the lanes

through avenues of lindens green
verdant sunlit temple scenes
scattered shadows, dappled light
twixt bright midday and black midnite
we two travellers northward bound
alone up country where we found
the way we sought away from death
and melodies that in faint breaths
we sang together chasing notes
that flew above in feathered throats
ballads pure which knew no woe
and signalled on where we should go
that our quest for summer’s rest
a million dawns, ever west.