Month: August 2016

Fisherman’s Friend (draft)

I can smell your Fisherman’s Friend
when I stand down wind
and in its fragrant herbal warmth
a memory I find
of hopscotch pitches chalked in white
upon the tarmac black
and scuffed up shoes and ratted ties
when the schoolbell called us back
not blue remembered hills are these
nor seperate regrets of mine
just simple senses pushing back
the velvet blinds of time.

One Minute Rhyme Mark XXVI : The Day That William Shatner Dies

The day that William Shatner dies
I won’t know what to do
the grim reaper has to call on him
just like for me and you
but the universe won’t seem the same
once he’s beamed away
but I guess for now I’ll be just finas he hasn’t died today.

The world will seem quite odd in fact
something not quite right
and I hope he won’t go quietly
into that last dark night
this undiscovered country
he’ll likely conquer too
but still the day that Shatner dies
I won’t know what to do.