Month: August 2019


she sits atop a mountain of my making
and swims deep in the seas of my desire
on the shores of memory she’s waiting,
waking in my reveries a fire.
I travel through this dreamscape I’ve imagined
and on each landmark she has left her form
her shadow painted over every passion I recall,
rendered ways that lead me to her dawn.

Fair Grounds

walking expectantly
through turnstiles
of reminiscence
each event
dripping neon
the perfume
of candyfloss
and stale beer
a kiss, a kick
a rumble
a fumble
sighs of passion
and regret
all indistinguishable
with time
each attraction
either sanitised
perhaps dramatised
to remain memorable
after visiting
so many yesterdays
roller coasting
through queues
that go on
almost forever
others broken
beyond repair
soon to be forgotten
and demolished
to make way
for tomorrows.

Partial Poem

exposed to you in naked lines
I draw from worlds I’ve not made real
save for the cosmos of my rhymes
a universe of verse revealed
read each word on tender lips
that they find life beyond this mind
the inkstains on my fingertips
made flesh and blood for you to find
let each sound roll upon your tongue
in syllables imagined kiss
for from these words desire is wrung
in hope’s release, unscripted bliss.