Month: July 2019

Dream Embrace

he awoke to the soft embrace
of warm breezes on his face
and lay there a while, motionless
lest he should the moment curse
his eyes still closed he held the scene
oft designed inside his dreams
green valleys of a summer’s end
through its pathways he would wend
to her door of promised rest
where his head lay upon her breast
there she would gently touch his face
in this endless dream’s embrace.

Abandoned Croft

aside the hills
the stones relayed
their histories
in moss, decaying
their broken dreams
lay scattered there
as parnassus flowers
took the air

I sat awhile
and mused upon
where the hopes
and loves had gone
to leave these walls
in such decline
as testament
to life resigned

yet come what may
my thoughts had brought
in my resolve
they came to nought
I could not solve
the reason why
that in such heaven
dreams had died.