Month: March 2023

The Ten Line Dream

in velvet did I dare to dream
of the silken warmth it spelled
and submitted willingly
to the little death it held
for me beyond the passioned kiss
the slumbered reveries promised
my fate was sealed in this embrace
that in waking I did taste
still its perfume in my bed
and fantasy dancing in my head.

Distant Skies

the silver moon, she holds no sway
upon the mortals who at night
their pining cravings to her pray
under the glowing of her sight
for she is nought but lifeless dust
whose beauty is vain trickery
that our mortal eyes can’t trust
a mere reflected fallacy,
yet we wish for blessings still
from this soulless goddess high
for earthly hopes be unfulfilled
thus we implore the distant skies.

Return of the simple poem

I cannot dance, I cannot sing
I cannot do most anything
But should I have a little time
I’ll attempt to prove that I can rhyme
in doing so then I can try
to show there’s more than meets the eye
to these, my metered strings of phrase
which with a measured thought I weighed
and set out thus in couplet style
in hopes to show I have no guile
nor great wisdom to impart
no secrets of the head or heart
just a simple yen to spin
my words into this ode within.