Month: February 2018

Up In Snowy Poetland : an open ended nonsense rhyme which will likely never find its end.

Up in snowy Poetland
the trains don’t run on time
because each station’s timetable
by order, has to rhyme

at ten past six each morning
the first express train runs
but doesn’t leave the platform
at least ’til half past one.

Up in snowy Poetland
for education’s sake
the local college campus
is built from angel cake

that a pastry chef from Paris, France
was architect for schools
is likely the main reason
all the students there are fools.

Up in snowy Poetland
a walrus is the mayor
his chief of staff’s a carpenter
(is there a reference there?)

and council meetings make no sense
in fact they often fail
with points of order hammered home
without the use of nails


Unfinished Dream

old fish cakes
and belly aches
chased me through the night
into the arms,
and suspect charms
of an unexpected sight
a shoddy king
with shiny rings
hugged and kissed me so
and ‘fore i woke,
the words he spoke
I didn’t want to know.

my love, you’ve died
his tears belied
for never did he weep
I took your dreams
and wiped them clean
when you were prone asleep
you’re now bereft
for I am death
the king of all that’s born
and now you know
so you must go
away from thoughts of dawn.

Song for my own personal amusement in a key upon which I’ve yet to decide.

the conscience of my childhood daze
was played on wooden spoons
by happy wooly spiders
itsybitsying cross the room
the form it took, a ballad pure
sung in sunny smiles
and if your hair is flared enough
i’ll sing it for a while…


don’t put your hand in the fire
and never jump off a house
and if it’s long life you aspire
be sure not to swallow a mouse
don’t pull a face in a windstorm
and never eat cakes in the rain
but get out of the bath ‘fore the plug’s pulled
or you’re bound to be sucked down the drain.

sha la la la lee.