Day’s End In December

the sun’s dalliance with this midwinter’s day
comes to nought as short hours slip away
into the dead December evening
where time is buried lost to grieving
Night, moonless and forgetful night
wherein expectation’s hopeful lights
decay in the dark to entombed death
as year’s end’s scythe rips o’er the earth

Older Poems #14 : Solstice

bleeds the holly scarlet red
inside the woodland’s verdant green
its lifeblood flows from ivy dead
the pulse beneath this winter dream

upon the naked frost kissed boughs
a silence roars beyond the night
and chilling air from jaws aroused
denies the solace of the light

and so the darkness holds its court
that seems eternal in its run
but even this black season’s course
is given promise of the sun.