The Peacock Dream

the pearls
once cold and light
upon her naked breast
glow now red
in bolder blush
of warm winds
from the west
filled as they are
with inner fires
of unrequited thoughts
she casts all ornament
to end the passion’s

as her pearls fall
without restraint
they burn the ground beneath
and thus may she
within its flames
discover her release.

Her pearls they cool
and lie now white
for peacocks
to eat in the night.

Seasons Lost

wherein passed the days
those halcyon springtime hours
that kissed my youthful lips
with the promises made
of lovers new in summertime
wherein passed those days?

where now are those days
those golden summer passions
that in wine and song
demanded nought but hope
of lasting loves forever
where now are those days?

where are all my days
now that autumn’s turned the sun
to the silver of the frosted stars
that grow ever dimmer
as the first winds of winter come
where are all my days?