Was I Once

was I once a young man
or did these pieces of silver
decide my fate before its time
a pressed insurance
in lieu of golden promises
the youthful days denied.

lost as I am now to sand
wasted through the glass, forever
my thoughts turn back
to how cheaply spent
and sacrificed were the hours
betrayed upon that altar.

The Dark Magpies

what is this dance
as skyward glanced
my watching earthbound eyes
between the arbour
ballet macabre
performed the dark magpies.

for there above
no flight of love
like angels from the sky
shadows of hell
as host they fell
and with them days will die.

a sorrow heard
without a word
they fell upon their foe
no secrets told
feathers lay cold
and lifeless there below.

Bello Variano

I sat to watch the sky grow dim,
upon a land where once the pride
of a thousand armies died
for what, ‘cept hubris held of him
who was as son but not of seed
yet took the crown from greater heads
that too did dream on final beds
great father Caesar to succeed;
and formed from clouds the ghostly trees,
o’er the fields where once they stood
now rich in life from scattered blood
dried slow across the centuries,
shed phantoms in the sweetest rain
to haunt this eve’s halcyon plain.