Song about despots large and not so large.

He broke the world
to suit his aims
that anyone
should be so vain
lies beyond
a point of shame
that I can comprehend

smiling, crawling fake
who lacks the morals
of a snake
one day the world
will awake
to bring this nonsense to its end.


In my dream

In my dream
we found the lake at sunset
the light like stained glass
behind the whispering trees

in my dream
the shining water’s ripples
refracted upon your skin
and imagination seized

in my dream
the world hummed a bossanova
each note would wet my lips
with the song of our kiss

in my dream
the dance we danced consumed
and with every passioned step
heartbeat’s almost missed

in my dream
we became one after dark
the fresh spring night
our blanket sheets

in my dream
you dreamed me too
so we’d wake to morning’s touch
and make both dreams complete.

Song for my own personal amusement in a key upon which I’ve yet to decide.

the conscience of my childhood daze
was played on wooden spoons
by happy wooly spiders
itsybitsying cross the room
the form it took, a ballad pure
sung in sunny smiles
and if your hair is flared enough
i’ll sing it for a while…


don’t put your hand in the fire
and never jump off a house
and if it’s long life you aspire
be sure not to swallow a mouse
don’t pull a face in a windstorm
and never eat cakes in the rain
but get out of the bath ‘fore the plug’s pulled
or you’re bound to be sucked down the drain.

sha la la la lee.

Cat’s Chorus, a nonsense song for felines written whilst listening to Bob Dylan.

let us sing of fancy fish
which dance around our dreams
and hold our thrall for hours
or so it always seems

oh let us sing of dining mice
feasting fat on cheese
riding round in horsedrawn traps
to save their creaky knees

and let us sing of big fat cows
a filled with milky cream
chewing cuddy bubble gum
upon the village green

then let us end our song like this
before the sun’s away
and curl up in a bundle
to sleep away the day.