The Wrong Song

Where I am
is all too near
yet all too far away
if I started walking
I could reach you
when you and I
stood in the sun
kissing in the rain
and though I travel
there and here
I can’t go home again

I can’t go home again
he dreamt
and held his head in tears
not able to accept his fate
between the passing years
for one day is quite like the next
from sunrise to sunset
and all the friends he thought he knew
it seems he’d never met.

and so I play the wrong song
cause the right one’s out of key
if you got a wrong song
then sing along with me.

Here Is A Song About Barney For The Boomtown Rats To Sing

Barney is a bouncer
he bounces round the town
and when he isn’t bouncing up
then he’s bouncing down

Barney is a springer
he springs upon the chairs
but if you move to fast for him
he’ll spring right up the stairs

Barney is a roller
furry roller on the floor
and if you didn’t stop him
then he’d roll right out the door