What equals what, what squared?

The Copenhagen Interpretation
postulates what is true
but mechanics of a quantum mind
can’t explain me and you
Some elements behave all funny
and don’t react too true
and Einstein had no theory
that explains me and you
Some proofs are self evident
and do what they should do
but no control nor guinea pigs
can help explain me and you.

Highland Games

In sconnie Botland once I roamed
with torpedoes on my back
and sank a little fishing boot
and a shepherd’s shearing shack
I stayed inside a rocking horse
by the name of Tingle Creek
and drank his bridle all but dry
before I’d stayed a week
I took the low road home again
as the high one was too long
and Mulling on a punctured tyre
I began this silly song.

The Way Your Bum Looks In Those Jeans (2016 Remix)

I enjoy the smell of polish
especially cans of Mr Sheen
but nothing could outshine
the way your bum looks in those jeans
I heard about the Superbowl
a goal for football teams
but the only trophy that I need
is the way your bum looks in those jeans
read all about aggregate demand
as proffered by Maynard Keynes
but his theories never took account
of the way your bum looks in those jeans
now I think I may have jumped the shark
not quite sure what that means
but one thing that I’m sure about
is the way your bum looks in those jeans