The New Season

still is the season of you
yet behind the shadows
thrown by your sunrise
a storm may awaken.

bright is your season
but can it be
that even azure skies
wait on ominous clouds.

new is this season
birthed as it is
‘tween spring and summer
though old as lost winter.

silent is this season
broken only by prayers
sung by little birds
hoping you never end.

Last Year : Five Haiku

grant me one summer
where the breeze smells of lilac
as the sun descends

grant me an autumn
golden in the early dawn
while nightingales sing

grant me a winter
of hearths warm with contentment
to welcome the nights

grant me one more spring
to wake with the first blossoms
gilding cherry trees

grant me one last year
seasons filled with happiness
in your embraces.

No More Winters (unfinished)

I long not to see the winter
but think on summer’s past
and in the fall my memory
of sunshine’s kiss would last.
so let me die in Autumn
as would a fallen leaf
that September’s sunsets
may paint gold any grief
and bury me in skies of grey
under trees with which rain rings
to soften earth in readiness
for me to sleep ’til spring.