In the early autumn days
around the moors burned by the sun
we’d gather heather flowers to pay
our mourning dues to all that’s gone
hung to keep their ghosts at bay
all through the longer eves that come
fair perfume’s offerings to pray
those winter gods’ communions

Last Year : Five Haiku

grant me one summer
where the breeze smells of lilac
as the sun descends

grant me an autumn
golden in the early dawn
while nightingales sing

grant me a winter
of hearths warm with contentment
to welcome the nights

grant me one more spring
to wake with the first blossoms
gilding cherry trees

grant me one last year
seasons filled with happiness
in your embraces.

No More Winters (unfinished)

I long not to see the winter
but think on summer’s past
and in the fall my memory
of sunshine’s kiss would last.
so let me die in Autumn
as would a fallen leaf
that September’s sunsets
may paint gold any grief
and bury me in skies of grey
under trees with which rain rings
to soften earth in readiness
for me to sleep ’til spring.

I Call It Winter

this melancholy has a name
written dark in evening rain
upon pavements city stained
this sadness, I call winter

nights which bite like wounds grown old
that promise nought but bitter cold
it is for this our summer’s sold
this pain, I call you winter

life is stopped, its heart bereft
its lungs long since have tasted breath
a frozen corpse is all it’s left
this death, I call it winter