Older Poems #21 : Inclemence

these wailing winds weep wild tears
for wasted watching o’er the fears
the forest frowns for mankind’s vain
glorious treatment of his domain
and elemental lights grow dim
to leave our faces dark within
an earth that sickens at our rule
this faded universal jewel
which time could heal if given time
away from humanity’s great crimes
at worst self serving arrogance
at best simple ambivalence.

Azure Sonnet

These azure thoughts ascend
to partner with the skies
and in these heavens highs
my daydreams know no end
with your dreams they will wend
to live behind your eyes
where they by and by
into our wakings blend.
what once were dreams are real
enlivened in company
imagined lovers’ reels
in their paired society
such fragrant dreams breath true
the scent of me merged with you

The Old Hills (the last poems : I)

call me not to the old hills
as save a memory of ancient mills,
they were the end of my beginning
and now to valleys am I damned.

take me not to meadows green
for all their flowers I have seen
they marked me then a nearly man
but from them I have turned.

summon me to forests dark
where sings no nightingale or lark
these dying trees my grave to mark
an existence spurned.