A Dream of The Dancing Horse

the dancing horse dragged me away
black and poisoned tainted breath
riderless yet spurred by midnight’s
insecure nightmares of death

we travelled through the broken lands
where ne’er a single soul was saved
from the terror of our travels
which scattered earth upon cold graves

no respite brought the new lit morning
sunlight dimmed by eyes of fire
only armageddon’s dawning
red as blood from funeral pyres

and in my fevered new awakening
each dark image fixed in me
for in my soul I knew these shadows
held store some part of destiny.


These azure thoughts ascend
to partner with the skies
and in these heavens highs
my daydreams know no end
with your dreams they will wend
to live behind your eyes
where they by and by
into our two wakings blend
’til what once were dreams are real
enlivened in bless’d company
imagined lovers’ reels
in our paired society
such fragrant dreams breath true
then the scent of me and you.

The End of Summer Comes

that autumn soon upon us falls
and with its golden scythe will bring
an end of those which summer called
to life from our now forgotten spring
below the boughs once full and green
lay cried tears of earthenware
and heady banks of glittered streams
their rich rooted grounds have bared
but on this scene should no regrets
be spent, for at its wholesome heart
the measures of a year full met
doth only next year’s soul impart.


bathe me in your silver’d glow
and make of me a willing slave
dance upon my naked form
that I may know you and be saved
from the sunlight’s testifying
to the darkness in my soul
kiss away my tarnished thoughts
anoint me with desires untold
bless me, pull me from the earth
into your shining bosomed bloom
take me in your lustrous flesh
my goddess of the moon.