Inspired reading 17th Century poetry

If things of Sight such Heavens be, What Heavens are those we cannot see? … Andrew Marvell

be bold with my open eyes
they long for visions grown
’til now only in reveries
in dreams such beauty known

inspire me to paradise
though here in mortal frame
for heaven cannot wait for these
thoughts too long restrained.

X Libris (2016 version revisited)

allow my fingers
to run
along your spine
and open you
for the first time
and kiss
your preface
gentle with my
eager glances,
and let me
slowly soak up
every word
and phrase,
all passages
in each chapter
newly encountered,
entangle me
in your plot-twists
then forbid
my hands
to lay you
down again
your denouement
is revealed
on the final page