So Spins My Mind

so spins my mind in darkened woods
damp in the rains of long ago
underfoot the undergrowth
allows no steady thoughts, nor should
as here is time still as it was
before we stood to contemplate
all that exists beyond our fates
and questioned the world and its cause
these trees grow wise without our mind
to be that which we are or not
they have remained as we’ve forgot
their silence pleads as a reminder
we were their sacred progeny
now grown and lost eternally

Die Maare

green water still and without haste
has overcome once hellish places
and made of them these forest dreams
in which the poet plots his schemes
to turn a vision into verse
and of his frailties often curses
the words which do no justice fair
to that which nature made occur
simply with time and shifting skies
this beauty set before blind eyes
of artist, poets, travelling fools
who seek with pen to set these jewels.

Hide Not Your Lips

hide not your lips from mine my sweet
for in your eyes I see the light
that guides us to a kiss replete
with more than these words dare recite

let not your hands be kept away
from my touch which seeks their balm
and together they may pray
to hold within the lover’s calm

and give to me licence to the sighs
of passions seeking their release
let resistance in them die
for this desire is no caprice.