Angels Glimpse

this passion shared from love’s sharp sting
crooks too the necks of angels on the wing
who from their dark exalted heights
do strain to glimpse of our delights
though we to them are briefest flames
locked as we are in mortal frames
the heaven’s host envies the fires
burning bright from our desires.


written on a lost summer’s day

through avenues of lindens green
verdant sunlit temple scenes
scattered shadows, dappled light
twixt bright midday and black midnite
we two travellers northward bound
alone up country where we found
the way we sought away from death
and melodies that in faint breaths
we sang together chasing notes
that flew above in feathered throats
ballads pure which knew no woe
and signalled on where we should go
that our quest for summer’s rest
a million dawns, ever west.