written on a lost summer’s day

through avenues of lindens green
verdant sunlit temple scenes
scattered shadows, dappled light
twixt bright midday and black midnite
we two travellers northward bound
alone up country where we found
the way we sought away from death
and melodies that in faint breaths
we sang together chasing notes
that flew above in feathered throats
ballads pure which knew no woe
and signalled on where we should go
that our quest for summer’s rest
a million dawns, ever west.

A Land of Stone

I dreamt upon a land of stone
where the old gods lived and died
lifeless save one god alone
who wept under its sulphur skies
ragged now and without the breath
that man’s praise kindled within
his power from ages gone bereft
now worship long denied to him
for all gods whether old or young
gain their held divinity
not from believed truths oft sung
but stole from men’s own vanity.

So Spins My Mind

so spins my mind in darkened woods
damp in the rains of long ago
underfoot the undergrowth
allows no steady thoughts, nor should
as here is time still as it was
before we stood to contemplate
all that exists beyond our fates
and questioned the world and its cause
these trees grow wise without our mind
to be that which we are or not
they have remained as we’ve forgot
their silence pleads as a reminder
we were their sacred progeny
now grown and lost eternally