poem idea


I can it seems with efforts small
forget how the world can be
yet as the dawning terrors fall
how the world remembers me
thus deeper should I dig my grave
and there spend all my days
in an attempt my mind to save
from this earth and its ways.
Away from daylight would I lie
ignorant bliss to spend
an Eden grown behind my eyes
until this hell is ended,
so seek me not, oh troubled lands
that have brought only pain
I can no more against you stand
and can no more remain.
So in my tomb of silent mind
I’ll build my world anew
and as my rest the world won’t find
I’ll bid this world adieu.

The Solstice Comes

bleeds the holly scarlet red
inside the woodland’s verdant green
its lifeblood flows from ivy dead
the pulse beneath this winter dream

upon the naked frost kissed boughs
a silence roars beyond the night
and chilling air from jaws aroused
denies the solace of the light

and so the darkness holds its court
that seems eternal in its run
but even this black season’s course
is given promise of the sun.