let the scarlet dreams evolve
beyond the bonds of your repose
to take hold of your consciousness
and their hues on it impose
for red is passion primary
and paints desires in true design
so fired senses must not sleep
but burn the brush of every line
in the hold of wakefulness
when every stroke enflames the skin
to blush in roses bloody tones
and therefore not be kept within.


[1] Water

she is water
whether the cool rain
that drips
upon my lips
or the waterfall
crashing, dashing
against my skin
she is a whirlpool
passionate driven power
and she runs through my thoughts
as both ocean and cloud.

[2] Air

she is air
and strokes my cheek
a breeze
which eases
or the stillness
warm and humid
before our storm breaks
and I am lost
to the heat of her breath
awakening me
inside and out

[3] Earth

she is earth
drifting to and fro
heaving secrets held
only for when they bloom
in colours infinite
that paint and bleed
on my barren flesh
which under her plains
spring forth
as fertile meadows

[4] Fire

and she is fire
enflamed desire
on whose tongue
I long to be consumed
to ashen remains
floating to the heavens
from the volcano
we are destined
to become.

Exposed To You

exposed to you in naked lines
I draw from worlds I’ve not made real
save for the cosmos of my rhymes
a universe of verse revealed
read each word on tender lips
that they find life beyond this mind
the ink-stains on my fingertips
made flesh and blood for you to find
let each sound roll upon your tongue
in syllables an imagined kiss
for from these words desire is wrung
in hoped release, unscripted bliss.