Marcel Regrets

she did not speak outloud
and from her voice refrained
but with a word inspired the lines
a remembrance madeleine
all that passed beyond the years
gone, never to change
nostalgia now a dread disease
immune is madeleine
without her kiss the world would shine
and never seek to blame
the spirit with all that once was
before came madeleine.

12 lines, no rhymes

my love is like a chip shop in the rain
a warm and golden flourescent sanctuary
with the reassuring perfume of malt vinegar
and the heady cocktail of greasy old newspapers
my love is like a chip shop in the rain
the security of nostalgic Friday nights
and the boozy breathed friends for life
who were strangers only hours ago
my love is like a chip shop in the rain
the ultimate decision being made while you wait
the burning question that has challenged the ages
do I really want gravy and mushy peas?

Fisherman’s Friend (draft)

I can smell your Fisherman’s Friend
when I stand down wind
and in its fragrant herbal warmth
a memory I find
of hopscotch pitches chalked in white
upon the tarmac black
and scuffed up shoes and ratted ties
when the schoolbell called us back
not blue remembered hills are these
nor seperate regrets of mine
just simple senses pushing back
the velvet blinds of time.