The Boy In The Bush Is A Daft Rhyme

the boy in the bush sings a song
to let the whole world know he’s there
for if he held still his little tongue
it’s doubtful he’d get anywhere

the boy in the bush wears no clothes
though nor does the bush in the fall
but as far as most anyone knows
it matters to neither at all

could I be the boy in the bush
all hidden away from your sight
and I grant you my voice is not much
but my little tongue does alright.

The Monkey Puzzle

climbing monkey puzzle trees
on Sunday afternoons
looking for horizons
which couldn’t come too soon
I met a puzzled monkey
or perhaps a chimpanzee
who’s beard was long and white as snow
and he stroked it thoughtfully
and then he said in chattered tones
“search not what’s out of view
just live your life in your own time
and what’s meant will come to you”

Sing a Song of Magpies

hark and hear the magpie sing
its really quite a noise
sometimes he cries his sorrows
and then he screams his joys
the layman tells no difference
but I know him of old
and all his seven secrets
he has me often told.

The first is he’s a friendly chap
the second he’s a grump
his third secret’s hidden well
inside an old tree stump
his fourth and fifth are both the same
and contradict the sixth
but the seventh secret has the power
all the world to fix.

Thoughts of Bono whilst watching 60s Action Films

I’ve just been watching Bullitt
starring Steve McQueen
and thought does Bono have a mullet
still sometimes in a dream
Is Sgt. Bilko really funny
or Seinfeld come to that
and my thoughts come back to Bono
and why does he wear a hat?

I tried to lose this chain of thought
about said Irish Band
but a reverie on sparrows
had them all in Raybans
and wearing little leather pants
which I can’t shake from my mind
and other thoughts I’m looking for
I still have yet to find

so I won’t watch old 60s flicks
as madness they inspire
my mind is playing burning tricks
in unforgettable fires
I may instead watch silent films
with Charlie Chaplin’s crew
perhaps I can think of finer things
hopefully of you too.