nonsense rhyme

Wet Dreams, a nonsense poem

some marines
in submarines
went sailing out to be
in spectacles
to see what they could see
in submersibles
they beached upon the shore
and in wet socks
dashed on the rocks
their dreams for ever more


Seasonal Nonsense Rhyme

I tried to write a Christmas card
but found that I could not
as to whom I was to send it
was something I forgot

was it for the doctor?
or maybe for his nurse?
did I get one for the baker?
my memory’s the worst.

did I buy it for the keeper
of the parrots at the zoo
or maybe for a missionary
in far off Kathmandu?

maybe looking at the card
will help me break this curse
then I can take my ballpoint pen
to compose a little verse

at last I had a brainstorm
a bolt out of the blue
my little card’s this poem
with love from me to you.

Plumby Accent

I lost my voice this evening
and don’t know where it’s gone
I thought it slipped under the couch
it seems that I was wrong
I then looked in the cupboard
that sits under the stairs
and found a few old photographs
but my voice was not there
twas then I heard a gurgling sound
from deep inside the loo
my voice was round the U bend
whatever would I do?
so donning trusty Marigolds
I really had no choice
but to rummage in the privy
to try and find my voice

A Fine Romance

Soft lad, his mother had
skips along the street
tapping all the cobblestones
with his tiger feet
up and down the avenue
in and out the doors
crawling like a tabletop
on all fours.

Little curly wurly girl
spots him from a far
and fancies him a suitor
to take home to her pa
and so she sidled up to him
and kissed him on the cheek
Soft lad blushed a crimson hue
as his knees went weak.

Soft Lad and Curly Girl
were happy as could be
wrapped around each other
for at least eternity
what they had found was beautiful
a love story quite divine
without doubt they oft would shout
the romance of our time.