nonsense rhyme

Irish Daisies

bold you are
as bold as brass
not caring
if you hold the grass
to your biting
for its manicured
green finery
it matters less
to dandelions
that they impress
more flowers finer
held by the world
in much esteem
as these gold spirits
simply seem
to grow and grow
without a thought
the other blooms
In beds to court
as bold as brass
so bold are they
to speckle grass
as gold as day.

Likes (my beauty pageant answers #1) unfinished

I like cats
and I like dogs
I dig hallucinogenic
I like sparrows
and I like hawks
I listen to parrots
when they trash talk
I like bugs
what scamper by
fish in ponds
larks on high
I dig the lambs
and lions too
lazy sharks
and whales of blue
I like gibbons’
funky struts
and baboons
with their painted butts
I like bees
that buzz about
but people?

I could do without.


there is a hedgehog in the yard
I’ve called him spikey Jack
I thought he was a tourist
but he keeps on coming back
to snuffle through the moonlight
on these chilly winter nights
I’d like to introduce myself
but I don’t know if he bites
I think he lives inside the leaves
below the maple tree
I hope one night he’s not to shy
to say hello to me
as I never met a hedgehog
let alone been friends
in that respect, I’ll leave for him
some milk out this weekend
perhaps then he will speak to me
if he can talk at all
or at least he’ll tip his hat
before rolling in a ball,
then I can say, I have a pal
and his name is spikey Jack
though he’s not like my other chums
as he’s got spines upon his back.